Advocacy Opportunity: Help us Leverage Better Hearing & Speech Month

Each May, Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM) provides an opportunity to raise awareness about hearing loss and communication disorders. HLAA-WA would like to use BHSM 2022, as an occasion to communicate with elected officials, educating them about hearing loss. We believe many local lawmakers have not voted for bills or policies supporting people with hearing loss because they do not understand what it like to live with this invisible disability. Will you help us change this dynamic?

We are providing two opportunities—you can participate in one or both—and we will make it easy:

  • Ask for a City or County Council Proclamation

Send a proposed proclamation to your local city council declaring May as Better Hearing and Speech Month and ask them to adopt it.

How we will help: please email our HLAA-WA legislative liaison, Cynthia Stewart, at, and include where you live. Cynthia will provide you with the names and email addresses of your local elected officials, the proposed proclamation, and a letter clearly stating our request.

  • Meet With Your Local Legislators and HLAA-WA

Join a conversation with your district legislators and HLAA-WA. As a person living with hearing loss, you are in the best position to discuss the needs of people who struggle to hear every day and everywhere we go.

How we will help: please let Cynthia know you are interested, and she will work with you and your legislators to set up a meeting. We will provide talking points and a fact sheet to give to your legislators, and Cynthia will participate with you in the meeting.

Why is action important now?

In the next legislative session, we will continue our fight for private insurance coverage of hearing aids and hearing health. Leveraging this year’s Better Hearing and Speech Month to raise awareness helps us lay the groundwork for this important effort. This is an opportunity to advocate for yourself and everyone in our state living with hearing loss.

Thank you for your participation. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Cheri Perazzoli, President
Hearing Loss Association of America – Washington State

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