Installers are the unsung heroes, the technical experts who crawl on the floor, lay the copper wire, and design systems so that all can hear. 

Washington State

Hearing Loop Northwest
P. Spencer Norby
522 N. Proctor #519
Tacoma, WA 98406
psnorby@harbornet.com_MG_2847Now Hear THIS
Rick Faunt
1134 57th PL SE
Auburn, WA. 98082

Audio Loop Solutions
Doug Christensen
15109 N. Meadow View Drive
Meed, WA 99021
509 868-0400

Listen Technologies (local and global)

Tempest Technologies
Bill Chalfant
425-996-0228 x 108 or 425-418-4388

Dimensional Communications
Jim Stone
1220 Anderson Rd.
Mount Vernon WA. 98274
360-424-6164 Ext.1318

Jaymarc AV
Jeff Miller



Thomas Kaufmann, Founder & CEO


Brown Audio Service (Ohio)
Warren Brown
(330) 338-8550

Complete Hearing Solutions (Florida)
Jim Scott
(727) 260-3488

Richard McKinley, Managing Director
(616) 392-3400

Consulting With Clarity (Wisconsin)
Brian Haines
(715) 255-0041

DRS Sound
Dave Scroggins
920-323-7272Rep 2

Hearing Loop Systems, Inc.
Bill Hop

Metro Hearing Loop
11 Hallock Dr, Suite 1
Washingtonville, NY 10992


These key manufacturers can provide general information and can recommend installers for their products.

Ampetronic (marketed by Williams Sound in the U.S.)

Contacta UK

Bo Edin (manufactures Univox products)


Oval Window Audio

Williams Sound

Note: We make no recommendations for installers, and we do not receive any financial gain from installers or from any installation. The firms we list have installed many loop systems, and we provide this list as a service to the public.

If a potential installer suggests that you adopt an FM or infrared assistive listening system instead, we urge you to stress that your primary concern is the system’s user-friendliness, so the loop is your preferred choice.

Regardless of which installer you choose, make sure that in the loop contract, the system and the installation both are guaranteed to meet the International Standard for audio frequency loop systems (IEC-60118-4). Clear signage must also be provided, and the consumer must know how to link to the hearing loop system.

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