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Tom Rasmussen and Cheri Perazzoli worked together to install loops in Seattle City Council Chambers.


Cheri Perazzoli, Let’s Loop Seattle Founder and HLA-WA Trustee.


Librarian Maggie Buckholtz (center) and HLA-WA advocates Joanna (left) and Jerry Olmstead helped get hearing loops at the Burlington Library.


Kimberly M. Parker, HLA-WA Board of Trustees member, enthusiastically supports hearing loops. She also performs a play about her hearing loss journey, “Lost in Sound: A One Woman Play.”

ADA graphic 2

Disability access must include accommodation for all, including people with hearing loss. This symbol should replace the single wheelchair.

Cheri at Town Hall

Town Hall’s decision to loop both its rooms catalyzed hearing loop use in the Puget Sound area. Here Cheri Perazzoli, Let’s Loop Seattle founder, talks to the audience at Town Hall’s launch on September 15, 2014.

Seattle Rep Loop Install February 2016

Hearing loops should be installed by a  specifically trained technician. Here, Spencer Norby of HearingLoop NW  looks for the best place to lay the copper wire that will direct the sound throughout the venue.


Hearing loops are gaining the attention and support of the U.S. Access Board. Karen Braitmayer, universal design specialist and U.S.Access Board member, is shown above.

CherriKarenandDavid (1 of 1)

Cheri Perazzoli, left, David G. Myers,  and Karen Utter helped Virginia Mason with its hearing accessibility in the early days of Let’s Loop Seattle. Dr. Myers is a national hearing loss advocate, and Karen Utter is an HLA-WA trustee. Dr. Myers is also the author of  A Quiet World: Living with Hearing Loss.

Town Hall Loop Sign

Signs are a vital part of hearing access; signs alert people with hearing loss to turn their hearing aid to t-coil mode.


An example of signs showing the hearing loop’s availability at the Seattle Repertory Theatre, 2016.





Get in the Loop National campaign getinloop3

Hearing Loss Association of Washington  HLAA_LOGO_WA_

Let’s Loop Seattle Loop-Logo-F--8-4

Blue ear symbol indicating telecoil/hearing loop TCoil Logo


For press interviews, quotes, or general questions, contact founder Cheri Perazzoli,

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