Public Transportation

Every one with hearing loss has experienced increased anxiety while traveling. Hearing loss makes it even more difficult to hear in already noisy, crowded locations. In airport gate areas, we wonder, Was our boarding area just relocated to B12 or D12?

A hearing loop eliminates background noise and echo—making it as easy as switching to the T-setting to clearly hear in these environments. Check out some of the transient locations that already have hearing loops installed.


Gerald Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Looping airports makes it easy to hear announcements in gate areas and throughout the concourse.

Looped airports include:

Mass Transit

LUAS Light Rail in Ireland

Mass transit systems like light rails, metros, and bus systems can all be looped—both for system wide announcements and for ticket areas.

Theatres & Concert Halls

Opera house, Copenhagen, Denmark

Looping theatres and concert halls allows people with hearing loss to enjoy the full offerings of a performance—the sights, the story and the sound.

Sports Arenas

Breslin Center Arena, Michigan State University (Photo Courtesy of MSU, Matt Larson)

Hearing loops in sports arenas means fans hear the announcer and the score—and have a much more exciting experience as a fan.

Classrooms, Libraries, Board Rooms & Auditoriums

US Senate Commmittee Room, Washington DC

Adding loops to these spaces allows us to hear their teacher, guest lecturer, speaker, or be an active participant in meetings.

Customer Service & Point of Check-Out

Michigan Commerce Bank, Holland Michigan

It’s fairly easy to loop the small space of a check-out kiosk, but makes a huge difference for the hard of hearing as they are cashing a check at the bank, picking up will-call tickets, or ordering food at a drive-through.

Museums & Tourist Centers

Ellis Island Exhibition, New York City

Adding hearing loops to museums and other tourist centers makes them much more appealing to the hard-of-hearing community.

Places of Worship

Westminster Abbey, London UK

Imagine going to temple or attending Mass and not being able to hear the service. A hearing loop allows you to clearly hear the service from any seat in the room.