Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) can be a crucial part of communication accessibility.

With CART, you can help make your event, speech, courtroom, classroom, workshop, seminar, church service, or meeting ADA-compliant and accessible to people who are deaf or who have a hearing loss.

You’ve seen captions on television shows, Netflix, and in movie theatres. CART works in a similar way, transcribing spoken text and sound into words. The text appears in real time–while the words are spoken or played–on a big screen that everyone can see or on an iPad or other private device. Remote CART captions can also be streamed to an Internet browser.

Even people with good hearing sometimes struggle to comprehend completely, especially in loud or noisy environments. CART helps those people, too, as well as people for whom English is a second language. And for people with significant difficulties hearing, CART can mean the difference between staying home or attending, understanding, and engaging.

Please download our guide, Effective Communication via Captions and CART, which describes online meeting captions and CART in more detail and offers links to CART providers. You can also watch an excellent video from the University of Washington’s DOIT Center here.

You can also visit the Collaboration for Communication Access or Wash-CAP for more information.

Signer and CART at Town Hall