Easy to forget but oh-so-important to remember: hearing loop signs!

Signs are not only required by the ADA, but signs also let people with hearing loss know that you have a hearing loop system waiting for them. It’s the ultimate welcome. And signs help ensure your loop investment is used and enjoyed.

These signs were designed and approved by the national HLAA Get in the Hearing Loop Program team in 2020. These ADA-compliant templates are free to everyone to download and print, add to a website and marketing materials, and send to a professional sign printing company.

If you have a hearing loop, you can use either of these signs.

ASL headphone 20.5.13

HL SIGN 2- 9-9-20

If you have an assistive listening system but not a hearing loop, you can use this sign.

ASL headphone 20.5.13

Here’s a quick guide to the ADA regulations for signs. Remember, all ADA signs should ideally include Braille translation.