Want to know more about hearing loops, communication access, hearing loss, and working, playing, and caring for people with hearing loss?

First, please know that you can contact us anytime. We are a resource here for YOU.

If you need help transitioning from high school to college, visit AC Online for advice on specific degree and career options plus Deaf and hard-of-hearing student advocacy and leadership programs. You can also learn more about tools, technology, and resources for students with hearing loss here. (Thank you to Caitlin Stewart at the Center for School, College, and Career Resources for this information.)

For help buying hearing aids in Washington State, refer to our brochure.

We also support and enthusiastically endorse the advocates below.

Speaking and presentations

Kimberly M. Parker is a performer, writer, teacher, hearing loss advocate, and speaker. Her one-woman play, Lost in Sound, tells the story of her journey to hearing loss and back again. She now hears via a cochlear implant. Her story has moved many people to both laughter and tears at her sold-out shows in the Seattle area.

She is available to speak on behalf of HLA-WA about hearing loss, communication access, and related issues. She also accepts inquiries to schedule performances of Lost in Sound.

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To book Kimberly, contact or

Educational Programs

Christine Seymour is a deaf and hard-of-hearing resource specialist, a consultant, trainer, and hearing loss advocate. Christine has experienced hearing loss that progressed to profound deafness in 1997. She received a cochlear implant in 2005.

Christine provides peer support, designs workshops, and moderates support groups. She also trains businesses on how to provide communication access. She brings a wealth of information about navigating the world with hearing loss.
PictureYou can reach Christine at 253-256-4690, text 253-495-5825, videophone 253-256-3938, or by email at


Janice S. Lintz leads Hearing Access & Innovations, a consulting agency dedicated to showing people the world over how to grow profits by improving hearing access. Janice is a longtime hearing loss advocate who has received results for more than 100 organizations, including Amtra, Apple, The Wall Street Journal, and Yankee Stadium.

You can reach Janice at or 917-975-5642.