Neighborhood access, Skagit style

Led by two of our star advocates, Jerry and Joanna Olmstead, hearing access in the Burlington area is happening.

And by happening, we mean happening.

In Burlington, Dimensional Communications installed loops in the Burlington City Council Chambers.

Island Hospital in Anacortes has counter loops at the intake and emergency desks–look for the blue ear symbol. Our advocates are working so staff are trained to use the loops and that they’re available, not left in a cupboard. Meanwhile, an Island Hospital committee is looking at ways to improve services for people with hearing loss.

Lincoln Theatre in Mount Vernon is considering adding a hearing loop.

You already know about the hearing loops at the Burlington Library.

And the hearing loop at Skyline Club House in Anacortes helps make it a well-loved, hearing-friendly event space. We need more of those, eh?

When we talk about boots-on-the-ground advocates and hearing-friendly neighborhoods, this is what we mean. You don’t have to drive to Olympia or call your senator (though we urge you to do those things if you can.) You can simply ask for hearing access in your own back yard, and keep asking until it’s provided.

It really works.

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