Loop perfection in Burlington

Libraries matter to communities everywhere–maybe especially so in places like Burlington, Washington, where libraries are the heart of many public meetings and events for everyone of all ages. Unfortunately, these rewarding activities are often lost to people with hearing loss, many of whom stay home because they simply cannot understand the PA system or the librarian well enough to participate fully.

Local HLA members and the library recognized this need for accommodation. The diligence of HLA advocates Jerry and Joanna Olmstead teamed with the enthusiasm of Maggie Buckholz at the Burlington Public Library to create a fantastically looped venue.

more burlington
Maggie Buckholz, Burlington Library Director,
and Jerry and Joanna Olmstead excitedly unpack the loop and signs.

Library visitors now benefit from a counter loop and a loop in the Rotary/Skagit Community Room. Prominent blue signs—an often-forgotten but important part of access—let people know the loop is up and running.

set up burlington
Maggie installs the sign letting people know about the counter loop.

How well does the new looping work?

So well that everyone at a recent CI meeting deemed it “perfection.” So perfect, in fact, an attendee could hear the meeting goings-on through her T-coil while she was in the ladies room! (This wouldn’t be noticed by anyone without a T-coil, so no worries for non-hearing-aid users.)

Check BPL’s website for upcoming looped events, and be sure to thank the staff for the looped accommodation. And as always, we welcome feedback on how it works for you.

testing burlington
Maggie tests the counter loop. A-OK!

A grateful nod to Jerry and Joanna Olmstead along with Maggie Buckholz and the crew at BPL for making the loop happen. Maggie is so committed to the accessibility of looped spaces that she’s become an advocate for more looping throughout Burlington, including the city council chambers. Go, Maggie!

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