Sneak preview at the newly looped Rep

It was with mixed anxiety and eager anticipation that I joined more than twenty Seattle area Hearing Loss Association theater lovers to celebrate and try the newly installed hearing loop at the Seattle Rep.

Would my fellow friends and colleagues, all of whom have varying degrees of hearing loss and wear a variety of personal hearing technology, be able to reap the joys of live dramatic theater? Would the dialogue be intelligible? Would my friends be able to participate in meaningful discussion following the play? Would my efforts to Get Seattle in the Hearing Loop have been worthwhile?

Seated next to Richard Einhorn, fellow hearing loss/hearing access advocate, I could hardly contain my joy when at the end of the first act, the lights went up, Richard and I looked at each other–and immediately recognized that each of us were clearly understanding almost every word.

In fact, the euphoria, the feeling of effortless inclusion,  were really beyond description. Those of us with t-coils were hearing better than anyone else in the room. A couple people reported hearing better than they ever had.

Thanks to the Seattle Rep for graciously hosting this special VIP reception.  And special thanks to Spencer Norby of Hearing Loops Northwest for going above and beyond to set up a PA and temporary hearing hearing loop so we could all hear what was said at the reception!

Please join us at the Seattle Rep for  grand community unveiling and loop celebration on April 24th!  This will include a special caption performance to compliment the loop. For $25.00 tickets, use promo code: SHERLOCKLOOP.

Meanwhile, remember that all shows going forward are looped.

–Cheri Perazzoli, Let’s Loop Seattle

“What a wonderful night on the town you created, Cheri!  Thank you so much for doing this.   The reception was well done and the looped play couldn’t have been heard more clearly.  They have done a wonderful job and I did send a thank you to them as you requested. ” —Judi Carr, HlA-WA board member

“The loop was fantastic. I could sit and simply enjoy the play. What a wonderful evening. Kudos to Cheri, to Spencer, to Seattle Rep and to all who were involved in this amazing evening!” –Richard Einhorn, composer and HLAA board member, who assisted the Rep with their sound system and the loop

Photos courtesy of Doug Ogle.

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