Do you have ideas for where we should loop?
Please respond in the comments section or e-mail us at loopseattle@gmail.com.

16 Responses to WHERE SHOULD WE LOOP?

  1. Doug says:

    It city council meeting rooms, ditto school board and county meeting rooms…public meeting rooms in libraries….inside airplanes…buses….movie theaters…airports and airport trams/trains…are just a few key places.

  2. cheripz says:

    Thanks Doug for visiting my site!
    We would love to see loops in ALL these places! Though I’ve lived in the area for over 25 years, yesterday was the first time I visited the Municipal Tower! Would you be able to suggest specific buildings and meeting rooms ? For instance, Seattle library is on our list, would there be any room or group of rooms you’d suggest?

  3. Laura says:

    Hello! Is there a current listing of where hearing aid loops are available in the Seattle area?

    Have you requested for hearing aid loops in the places you recommended?

    • cheripz says:

      Laura, thank you for visiting “Let’s Loop Seattle! If you click onto the header, Loops Around the Sound, there is a map. If you click on view larger map, there is a printed list. As you can see we are just getting started in in downtown Seattle! What place or facility would you like to see looped?

  4. Spencer Norby says:

    Loops should be pretty much everywhere. Every grocery store should have a couple looped checkouts so people can hear the clerk through the noise. Pharmacy windows should be looped so people can be given instructions on medicine without everyone in the store hearing the pharmacist speaking loud enough to be heard. Movie and all ticket windows need loops. They are hard enough to hear with good ears and impossible with challenged ones. Any facility with a counter where people have to communicate through the noise clutter needs a loop. When it comes to any public gathering place that uses a microphone, it needs a loop. It’s so sad how far behind Europe we are on this. Funny how there are standards on the slope of a wheelchair ramp but not for assistive listening systems. As society ages and the hard of hearing community grows, loops just need to be everywhere people need to hear. I was just up to a senior center where people can’t hear in a classroom. It needs a loop. Don’t forget that bingo hall!!!!

    Let’s loop Seattle, or at least every place in it.
    Spencer, HLNW

  5. Wm Mulligan says:

    I have been unable to attend local theaters, i.e., ACT, Intiman, Seattle Rep for many years. I used to attend all three. They would all benefit from a loop, especially ACT in the round. I have a loop at home and it is the best device I have ever used for TV etc- far surpasses Bluetooth such devices.

  6. Christian J. Schmitt, MD says:

    I would love to see if the Seattle Opera could be looped so that the hard of hearing opera fans could enjoy more this gem of a cultural institution.

  7. Jack Gossett says:

    Movie theaters should be looped. I cannot use their assistive devices with my hearing aids. Or, I don’t know how. Thanks.

  8. Jason says:

    It’s practically nothing but churches that are looped. I’ve got the right aids, but don’t care one bit about church. Movie and stage theatres are the obvious venues that need to be looped. Lecture halls, public libraries, college classrooms, opera,

  9. Betsy says:

    In addition to the fore mentioned venues I would like Benaroya Hall including the Nordstrom Hall, Town Hall, Bloedel Hall at St Marks, a classroom or two at the U of W.
    Well I agree with Spencer above. It is time that Seattle as a city embrace this change.
    I attended the Katherine Bouton talk at Town Hall and what a treat to be able to hear clearly with out strain and then fatigue.

  10. Paul Jacobson says:

    Here are three locations with meeting rooms that need loops:
    Sumner Public Library
    Elks Club in Puyallup
    High Cedars Golf Club in Orting

  11. Jane Yamagiwa says:

    Definitely Benaroya and McCaw Halls. It’s sad that even though we have the loop technology available, so few places have them. Surprising, considering that it’s been around for years.

  12. Dr. Tracy Bryan says:

    why isn’t benaroya hall looped?!

  13. Kathryn hayward says:

    You have not mentioned price. Is the price depends on size of room or whatv

  14. Mary jo Eldenburg says:


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