Kanso 2 Processors for CIs: Rechargeable, No Telecoils. A Product Review

By Louis Touchette

Last week I upgraded to the new “Kanso 2” processors and relegated my two old Kansos to “Spares/backup” status.

So, what’s different? Well, the Kanso 2 processors are a slight bit smaller in diameter but otherwise pretty much the same as far as wear. Also different, I no longer have to wear my phone clip to listen to music or talk on my phone. I still have the option to use my phone clip if I want to make totally hands free phone calls. Otherwise, I have to hold the phone to my mouth to speak.

What I really enjoy is being able to control my processors with my phone app. I’ve always enjoyed being able to control my mini-mic 2+ to adjust the ratio of processor vs min-mic sound. With the phone app I can easily turn on and off any accessory and adjust ratios. For example, in a restaurant I can place the mini-mic on the table and turn down the processor microphones so I hear none of the restaurant noise. I can turn up the mini-mic sound so I can hear everyone at the table, only. When In a crowd of people I can do the same thing so all I hear is the person who I clip the microphone onto.

Since the processor batteries are rechargeable, I simply put them in the charger each night WITHOUT having to turn them off. In the morning I remove the processors and place them on my head WITHOUT having to turn them on. I usually get up about 5 am and go to bed at 9 pm. On my phone app is a meter that shows my Kanso 2 battery state. I’ve noticed that at night the battery state still shows half full… and that, after16 hours of constant use. That’s comforting. I also have spare auxiliary batteries if for, example there’s a power outage, or I’m out camping where I can’t plug in a charger. Also, I have my spare “Kanso’s” that use batteries so I’m never in a situation where I can’t hear.

1. The Kanso 2 does not have a telecoil, so I am obligated to carry my telecoil-equipped Mini-mic 2+ microphone whenever I go to church, HOA lodge, watch TV in my “looped” home, attend our local movie theater or attend our HLAA meetings, all places which have induction loops installed. And of course, I have to remember to keep the mini-mic charged.

2. Another downside is that there is no identification on which is left and which is right. The processors are totally 100% identical. As a result, I’ve had to label them “L or R”… so becoming, sigh! See photo… (in which I need a haircut)

3.The Kanso 2 comes with hair clips which, with me being near bald, I cannot use. I had to devise some clips to hook on my glasses to catch my processors if they fall off (which rarely ever happens). I’ve attempted to sell the eyeglass clip idea to Cochlear for the past five years but as yet they HAVE NOT listened. I’ve ended up making clips from picture hangers.

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