In Memory of Bill Collison

Bill Collison, HLAA-WA treasurer and friend to all with hearing loss, with his wife, Aundie.

In May 2021, Bill Collison passed away, and the world lost a kind, generous man who was a friend to everyone with hearing loss.

Bill served as HLAA-WA treasurer at the time of his death. To honor Bill’s vision and to ensure everyone could hear he service clearly, Bill’s family worked with us to make sure the celebration of his life was hearing-friendly. A microphone was used by all presenters, live captions were projected for all to read, and an FM assistive listening system was available. You can watch a recording of the beautiful, touching service here.

Bill’s family suggested that donations in his memory be sent to HLAA-WA. If you’d like to donate, you may send donations to HLAA-Washington, PO Box 265, Redmond, Washington, 98073-0265. A form is available here, if you like.

We’re touched by and grateful to Bill’s family, and we’re honored to carry Bill’s work forward by ensuring that people with hearing loss across our state are encouraged, empowered, and supported to live their lives to the fullest.

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