Get in the Hearing Loop Honors IHLMA

The International Hearing Loop Manufacturers Association (IHLMA) has joined the Get in the Hearing Loop movement, and IHLMA was honored by Cheri Perazzoli and the Get in the Hearing Loop leaders at the 2019 HLAA convention in Rochester, New York this summer.

The IHLMA aims to “support good quality loop installations around the world,” and is available to support and guide anyone interested in hearing loop systems. The association members adhere to a a code of conduct, and they offer technical resources and standards.

Members of IHLMA include….

Bo-Edin (Univox)     
Clear Audio Systems 
Geemarc Telecom 
Hearing Products International 
OPUS Technologies    
Signet (AC)    
Williams Sound   

 – Manufacturer
 – Installer
 – Consultant
– Distributor
 – Training
 – Designer
 – Maintenance

IHLMA’s offices are based in Gloucester, UK. You can reach them at, or for technical advice,


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