Hearing access, Barcelona-style

Stained glass amidst stonework in high-ceilinged church.

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.

After the Future Loops Conference in Berlin October 6-8, 2017,  I took a side trip to Barcelona, Spain. I found places with very good hearing access that I’d like to share with you.

While I didn’t always see enough signage, I did find plenty of places that used assistive listening systems.

Please comment below and share your experiences with assistive listening systems in Europe.








At the Sagrada Familia temple, only one person was allowed to stand in line to secure audio guides. When I explained to staff what I needed, they fast-forwarded me to the front of the line. I asked for a neckloop, so he found me one…and to make sure it worked, he even took the time to accompany me to the first station. And I was able to see and hear about Antoni Gaudi’s most famous, awe-inspiring work.

Here’s a look at the system…


Later, in La Pedrera, I found a counter loop at the desk, though there was no separate microphone. The headsets were hearing aid/telecoil enabled. (Staff did not offer a headset and did not speak English.) Some information is available on their website.


Finally at Gaudi’s Casa Batllo, I found this device. It had a speaker on top, and I used my telecoil program just like I would do with a phone.

Such a joy to find hearing access options abroad, though much work needs to be done to let people know the technology is available (such as via signs, website info, etc.)

What have you found that helped you hear in Europe?

–Cheri Perazzoli, Founder
Let’s Loop Seattle

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1 Response to Hearing access, Barcelona-style

  1. mystuart says:

    So interesting. Thanks for the blog, for sharing your experiences, and for your advocacy!

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