Advocacy in action: 5177 passes unanimously

5177 Signing 2

Advocacy works. It really does. Thanks to your hard work and support, long-term care staff will be trained to recognize hearing loss and seek assistance when it’s needed: Senate Bill 5177 passed unanimously and was signed by Governor Inslee.

5177 Signing 1

Hearing loss is often overlooked by caregivers, especially in long-term care. Other medical issues, especially health problems that are urgent, take priority. Yet hearing loss is a serious health issue, too. Untreated hearing loss is linked to an increased risk of dementia symptoms, falls, depression, and isolation.

And hearing loss interferes with caregiver communication. Patients can misunderstand instructions or information about their own conditions. Caregivers can misinterpret hearing loss a behavior problem or confusion.

A huge thank you to everyone who contacted their lawmaker to urge 5177’s pass. Your energy and compassion truly do have an influence. Stay tuned for more ways you can help people with hearing loss with crucial public policies.

5177 Signing 5

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