Buying new hearing aids, read this!

If you’re buying hearing aids for the first time, or looking to purchase a new pair, be sure to read this excellent article/blog post, “Ready to buy new hearing aids? Be sure it has bluetooth as well as telecoil wireless technology!” from Loop Wisconsin. The article explains the uses of bluetooth and telecoil technology, describing how each complements the other, and how the combination of the two can truly improve the users quality of life. The article also explores the importance of finding an audiologist who will show you all of your options when it comes to hearing aids–be sure to find an audiologist who is committed to helping you find what technologies will work best for you! I’ve quoted some of the article below, but you’ll want to read the whole thing.

What every hearing aid user should be told by their audiologist or hearing aid provider

There is some confusion among hearing professionals regarding Blue Tooth and Hearing Induction Loops. The misunderstanding that is that Bluetooth and hearing loop technology are mutually exclusive when in fact they complement each other and have tremendous capability to improve quality of life for the user.

Hearing aid users can take advantage of both: many of my clients benefit from Bluetooth wireless technology watching TV at home, while using their cellphone or on Sunday morning when they happily switch to their telecoil in church. Hearing aid users cannot benefit from telecoils if they are not educated about them and so equipped. One unhappy – because her audiologist failed to mention telecoils even once in 30+ hearing aid adjustment appointments – hearing aid user from Minnesota wrote me: “One has to have one to take advantage of the loop. I would have chosen a different instrument”.

Audiologists and hearing aid dispensers who are recommending Bluetooth wireless or FM technology for their hearing aid and CI clients and counsel their clients on the use of telecoils in large venues equipped with hearing loops are meeting standard of care guidelines as specified by the American Academy of Audiology guidelines and endorsed by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association.

Visit Loop Wisconsin to read the rest of the article. 

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  1. Debbie says:

    You read so much regarding the Loops, which don’t get me wrong the loops are wonderful, but they do not fulfil your 8-5 working phone use enviroment requirements. The hearing industry is not progressing on the use of aids and regular telephone technology within the work places. Yes they have come out with the use for cell phones, but sometimes I think I am the only person with hearing aids that works at a desk job with having to use regular work phones and struggle with hearing., The present Widex streamer that I use, does bluetooth but and has a lot of static problems within the office, which is fustrating to me and also the person on the other end. I really wish the hearing instrument companies would research more into this enviroment to make it easier for all us work force employees.

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