Katherine Bouton Visits Seattle

Post from HLA-WA President Karen Utter.

Dear friends,

Katherine Bouton, New York Times former columnist and author, is in Seattle this week. Last night she did a reading that the Downstairs Town Hall auditorium in Seattle based on her new book; Shouting Won’t Help and Why 50 Million Americans Can’t Hear You. HLA-WA with the organizational leadership from Cheri Perazzoli assisted by Hearing Loops Northwest sponsored the CART, temporary room loop and ALDs, plus sign language interpreters that were used for the presentation. We had expected maybe 50 would attend. Lo and behold on a rainy ‘n dark Seattle evening there were over a hundred people present for the program. The room was nearly at capacity. It was a broad range of attendees with all degrees of hearing loss and deafness represented among many hearing people that were in attendance. The program was very well received and all hearing accommodations worked beautifully together.

There will be another fully hearing accessible program Friday evening at 6:30 at the Bellevue Arts Museum. This program is being offered for free. Seating is limited; please RSVP to Bellevue Arts Museum.

If you wish more information on Katherine Bouton or her book please see:

Karen Utter, HLA-WA President

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