Be in the Local Loop: Virginia Mason’s Volney Auditorium Offers Hearing Accessibility at No Charge

For our second “Be in The Local Loop” feature, we are highlighting one of the first loops installed in downtown Seattle, the hearing loop at Volney Richmond Auditorium in the nonprofit medical center, Virginia Mason.

Where is it?

The Volney Richmond Auditorium is located on level 1 of the Lindeman Pavilion at Virginia Mason’s downtown campus. The room features auditorium style seating and is host to classes, speakers, and presentations.

The venue is located at 1201 Terry Avenue, Seattle, WA 98164

Why is it important?

Virginia Mason visitors who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants (CI) will now be able to leverage the hearing loop technology with their assistive device. The visitor must turn on the telecoil program with a simple push of a button on their hearing aid of CI. Almost all CIs and 68% of hearing aids are telecoil-enabled.

The Volney Richmond Auditorium features several conferences, events, speakers, and classes open to the general public. The looped venue provides hearing accessibility for all those who attend. Additionally, it provides a public space for other organizations and individuals to host events at no charge and ensure every individual with hearing aids or CIs can have an enjoyable experience. Interested groups may contact Virginia Mason room scheduling at (206) 583-6053 for additional information.

What was the process for looping the auditorium?

Christa Quekett, a Virginia Mason Medical Center audiologist, was instrumental in initiating the hearing loop initiative at the center. Once approved, Spencer Norby, owner of HearingLoop NW, installed the hearing loop in Virginia Mason and installed the system under the carpeting.

The actual loop is a copper wire laid under the carpet, giving off an electromagnetic signal that can be picked up by a receiver.

Spencer hid the wiring in architecture details such as crown molding. Check out the photos below to see the process from start to finish!


ImageA panel of hearing loop specialists at the official launch of Let’s Loop Seattle, hosted at the Virginia Mason Volney Auditorium

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