Just Looped: Northlake

Let’s Loop Seattle is excited to announce that the Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church in Kirkland, Washington just got looped! Northlake joins the Covenant Presbyterian Church in Issaquah, the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Port Angeles, and more churches throughout the state at the forefront of the hearing loop movement. To see even more looped locations in Washington, click here.

Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church in Kirkland, WA

After attending a service at Northlake two weekends ago, Let’s Loop Seattle has nothing but positive things to say about the loop! Northlake has demonstrated their true dedication to diversity by creating hearing accessibility for all the people of the church. They are making a difference in their community in more ways than one. Let’s Loop Seattle is excited to see both churchgoers and community members at the upcoming orientation…

Let’s Loop Seattle will be holding a dedication/orientation within the next few months for church and community members. Let’s Loop Seattle, HLAA members, loop installers, and maybe even an audiologist will hopefully all be in attendance to help explain the benefits of telecoils in hearing aids. Keep a look out for the official announcement!

We are thrilled to see the loop in more locations in Washington. If you attend a church or community group, encourage your leaders and peers to consider installing a loop in your facility. Hearing accessibility can be the difference between involvement in the community and sitting at home!

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