Accessibility Camp Seattle

Two weekends ago, Let’s Loop Seattle had the pleasure of attending Accessibility Camp Seattle, an annual “unconference” that focuses on technological accessibility.  The two days were dedicated to brainstorming about and creating accessibility for those with a range of disabilities in Seattle.

ACS was unique because the attendees had the opportunity to choose what topics they wanted to discuss on the first day of the conference. Rather than having a scheduled list of speakers or topics beforehand, the schedule was created by the people at the event. Because there were multiple discussions occurring at once on a range of topics, each attendee had the choice to join the discussion that most related to her organization, or simply sounded the most interesting to her.

It was great to see such a diverse group of designers, coders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, advocates, educators, and more brought together for these two days. Through discussions, demonstrations, and networking, many new ideas were born. Someone even suggested to Let’s Loop Seattle that it might be possible to create a portable hearing loop in a cell phone! How convenient would that be?!

Although the next Accessibility Camp in Seattle isn’t for another year, there are many throughout the world and country in the next year. If you’re local, you can start brainstorming for next year now, and comment below if you have any great ideas about new hearing or induction loop technology!

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